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CIMI® List ~ Alabama
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Alabama CIITs (Teaches and Certifies Parent Instructors)

  • Gwendolyn Gray, CIMI-2 & CIIT (Trainer) • 334-727-8695 • gray.gwendolyn13@gmail.com


CIMIs, Certified Infant Massage Instructors

  • Adrian Ward CIMI Level 3/NICU * 205-296-6288 • amward@aol.com • (0124)


  • Gwendolyn Gray, CIMI-2 & CIIT (Trainer) • 334-727-8695 • gray.gwendolyn13@gmail.com
  • Danita Johnson .......... djohnsonotr@pwagal.com • (0425)


All instructors listed are current CIMI®s with Infant Massage WINC  

Please contact one of the Certified Infant Massage Instructors listed below (or contact the office for a complete listing in your area) to attend a Parent/Infant Massage Class. Please contact instructor directly regarding any special needs or background requirements.


Disclaimer: Extended background listings are provided by and paid for by the individual Instructor and are not individually confirmed by WINC/IAIM. Please ask individual instructor about any questions that you may have regarding their extended listings.


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