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Continuing Education for Health Professionals
newborn & infant massage + environment-touch-communication
Infant Massage WINC Continuing Education
The TRIAD Family Model

Certifying newborn and infant massage. Online live & interactive or in-person classes.

A very comprehensive program for conscious parenting classes.

New evidence-based science and research, i.e. by the world renowned Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Dr. Tiffany Field, and other scientists.  Dr. Lipton endorsed our TRIAD Family Model based on his research of epigenetics. 

Beyond just infant massage, The TRIAD Family Model represents ...

The 'multi-components' for parent/child bonding which are 1) a safe, positive, creative  environment 2) nurturing touch, and 3) compassionate communication.

Infant Massage WINC, our new program, is a dba for our retired program taught as the International Association of Infant Massage, IAIM® and we still own the legal rights to our name and intellectual properties. We are a 501(c)(3) since 1986. PRESS RELEASE for legal win for ownership of "IAIM"®


Parenting is a lifestyle ... The TRIAD Family Model™ is the catalyst for conscious parenting.

It is the multi-components for healthy infant, child, and family development based on environment, safe, positive, creative, coupled with nurturing touch and compassionate communication. We certify both newborn and infant massage, 20 CEH.


We represent a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors reflecting 

all the children of the world community™


During this time of uncertainty, we hope that you and your family are safe and well, our hearts go out to all those whose lives have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To keep our students and staff safe during this time we want to remind you that we offer online live and interactive face-to-face classes that you can safely attend at home on your computer. You will certified in 2-days and can receive 20 continuing education hours, please call 805-223-3588 for details.

"Beyond Infant Massage, with knowledge comes the responsibility to raise the bar and teach more." A.M. Kelly

After studying Bruce Lipton, PhD, author of The Biology of Belief, the new science of epigenetics, the continuum of DNA development after birth through conscious parenting, Andrea Kelly, Director of Infant Massage WINC, upgraded our curriculum to the TRIAD Family Model™, the multi-components for healthy infant, child, and family development based on environment, touch, and  communication. The TRIAD Family Model™ was endorsed by Dr. Lipton. 


Susan Campbell    Dr. Bruce Lipton    Andrea Kelly

Words of wisdom from Dr. Bruce Lipton ... "The power and promise of infant massage and the work of Infant Massage WINC™ will enable us to advance human civilization, one child at a time."

View the TRIAD Family Model



Our "New" CIMI® Level-2 class certifies both newborn (first six weeks) and infant massage supporting the transitioning family all the way through to Senior and Hospice Care.

Online CIMI Level 2 class gets rave reviews! Fun and Personal

*****CLICK HERE for Class Calendar*****

for custom dates or more information call 805-223-3588


What is Infant Massage?

Infant massage is one of the three components of attachment and bonding, a step beyond cuddling and touch is necessary to provide a continued attachment between parent and infant after birth. It also supports physical and emotional growth. It can provide the infant relief from daily stress or discomfort. It provides the parent and baby a form of loving communication. (Read more ...)

Parent Information: Infant Massage WINC™ trains and certifies Certified Infant Massage Instructors, CIMI® who in turn teach parents and caregivers to massage their babies. PARENTS: CLICK ON OUR SIDEBAR LINK "Parent/Baby Classes" to find a class near you.

Become a ... 

Certified International Instructor Trainer, CIIT

Teach and certify health professionals to instruct parent education.

The TRIAD Family Model™ the multi-components for Conscious Parenting, author Andrea Kelly.

The children are our richest resource and the future guardians of this planet. Teach them to live within their homes and society the principles of the TRIAD Family Model™ which promotes that conscious parents must provide a safe, positive, and creative environment that is coupled with nurturing touch and compassionate communication.

Call Master Trainer and Director Andrea Kelly, 805-223-3588 to personalize your dates for training. 

Continuing Education for Professionals (click here for details)

Certified Infant Massage Instructor, CIMI® Level 2, teach parents

Certified International Instructor Trainer, CIIT™, certify CIMIs



News Announcement: CIMI Level 2 (newborn AND infant massage) and our NEW NICU Level 3 Class available online ... read more


WINC in the news ...

Our beloved Director and Master Trainer, Andrea Kelly, continues to raise the bar ... her accomplishments go far beyond the classroom:

  • • Inducted into the Who's Who of Business Women of America in 2013
  • • In 2014 she was inducted along with a very select group to the Honorary Section of Who's Who Section based on her cutting edge TRIAD Family Model™ and nurturing touch for life and restructured infant massage. 

• Inducted into the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame in 2012

• Cover of Massage Magazine, 2010 "Touch the Future" introduces the TRIAD Family Model™

• Cover of Massage Magazine, 2008 "The Joyful Art of Infant Massage"

Andrea brings her passion not only to the classroom but as an advocate for Animal Rescue. Walking her talk she has 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a horse that are all animal rescue.


International Travel

Infant Massage WINC

Eldoret, Kenya - Africa

Living her dream to enrich families around the community Andrea travels internationally and visits Africa, the experience of a lifetime and builds her personal testimony to teach the TRIAD Family Model around the world community. Click to see PowerPoint Presentation of Kenya Trip

Andrea Kelly, realizes her dream to assist the families and children of Kenya, E. Africa. The Daisy Eye Cancer Fund invited her as an international trainer to certify CIMI­­®s.  She traveled with Morgan Livingstone, CCLS, accompanied by Morgan's husband, Michael, and son, Finn. 


World Massage 2012 Festival Hall of Fame

Andrea Kelly, Infant Massage WINC, was inducted into the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame. It was an awesome weekend, we met MANY amazing colleagues.

Check out the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame pictures!

Senior Touch is vital, supersize your hugs, call today to join the committee to write a new class!

Andrea Kelly and her Mom

Vietta Smock

  July 4th Prescott AZ rodeo

Senior touch adaptations expressed in Massage For Life cover story. Any CIMI interested in Senior Touch, for input call Andrea at 805-223-3588 to participate in the committee.


We are very proud that, Andrea Kelly, was published TWICE as the COVER story of Massage Magazine. 

BOTH ARTICLES HAVE SOLD OUT and are no longer available for sale through Massage Magazine but you may contact the office srcwinc@me.com to receive a copy of the article for a small processing fee. The articles make valuable and informative parent class handouts!!!


Massage Magazine Cover Stories                                                   

The Gentle Art of Infant Massage

Massage for Life: Touch the Future



Need a career or additional income? ...


No Travel Required! Custom your date for the On-Line Class. Become a Certified International Instructor Trainer, CIIT™. Certify Professionals to teach the Triad Family Model™ and certify students in both Newborn (0-6 weeks) and infant massage. (Two certifications in One). Necessary tools and materials are gifted to the Trainer. 3-day online workshop plus additional hours with Andrea to assist you in marketing your first class, Call Andrea 805-223-3588. Pictured below is a CIMI® Graduation Class certified by Andrea.

Generous partial grants available, call for details 805-223-3588, Andrea Kelly


PRESS RELEASE for legal win for ownership of "IAIM"®

Infant Massage WINC d/b/a for IAIM® the legal owners of IAIM® wins legal challenge for the trademark “IAIM®” against Infant Massage USA and the International Association of Infant Massage Sweden before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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New classes available throughout the United States and Internationally, 805-223-3588. 

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