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Kate Machi



Kate Machi

I’ve been a massage therapist and infant massage instructor since 1995, teaching parents and caregivers, both privately and in group classes, through California Pacific Medical Center and Natural Resources, a pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting center in San Francisco. 

I became a parent instructor trainer with WINC in 2012, and am exhilarated and inspired by the many dedicated and loving healthcare professionals who have requested our training to better serve their young patients and their families. My students include dozens of NICU and pediatric nurses from the Bay Area’s top children’s hospitals, as well as many dedicated and accomplished occupational and massage therapists, doulas and social workers. 

For me, teaching infant massage is a joy, magnified by the ease, practicality, and fun of its application and its profound and far-reaching benefits. My long-term goal is to bring WINC’s unique Triad Family Model™ – Nurturing Touch and Compassionate Communication within a Positive Environment – to hospitals as required postpartum care, its principals learned before parents take their babies home as a crucial and primary healthy family foundation. 

My other vocation is writing screenplays and fiction that embrace a holistic, tolerant and international relationship between the arts, family, and community. I have two adult kids and live with my French husband of 30 years in San Francisco, CA.

CONTACT: Kathryn Machi: kmachiwinc@gmail.com/415-250-5596

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