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Infant Massage WINC Trainer - CIIT
Patricia Carroll
Patricia trains and certifies CIMI Level 2's (parent instructors) classes for those who teach the parents of infants such as health professionals, OT, PT, MT, doulas, midwives, child-life specialists, social workers, and all other professionals that work with infants and their families. She is authorized to certify CIMI Level 2s by the Infant Massage WINC, World Institute for Nurturing Communication, d/b/a for International Association of Infant Massage, IAIM®.
Her students will be certified to work with well babies, and teach about special needs and infants born early in the NICU.  They will be certified as a CIMI Level 2 and learn the importance of the Triad Family Model for healthy infant, child and family development which is a positive environment coupled with nurturing touch and compassionate communication. Students will not be certified for hands-on massage. 
Patricia studied under Andrea Kelly, Master Certified International Instructor Trainer and Author of CIMI Level 2.


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New classes available throughout the United States and Internationally, 805-223-3588. 

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