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$40 Donation + Fact Sheets File
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Tax-Deductible Donation to IAIM®/WINC™
For a $50 40 donation you can receive a printable Fact Sheets file which includes ALL 7 fact sheets!
(Adobe Acrobat Reader required for .pdf file)
Marketing “Fact Sheets” for C.I.M.I.s
Enhance your marketing potential with these informative and convincing “Fact Sheets”. 
Topics vary for your particular population or practice.

 1. An Overview of Infant Massage
 2. Benefits of Infant Massage For Adolescent Mothers And Their Babies
 3. Benefits of Infant Massage For Parents Of Children With Developmental Delays
 4. Benefits of Infant Massage For Adoptive Parents And Their Babies
 5. Benefits of Infant Massage For Mothers In Recovery From Substance Abuse and Their Babies
 6. Infant Massage For Well Parents And Their Well Babies
 7. Supportive Documentation Bibliography 

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