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Student Testimonies

Joan Peterson

"WINC has provided an updated curriculum and materials with enhanced presentations along with new and improved infant massage protocols. This contributed to WINC becoming an exemplary leader in the field of healthy infant and family development.

The TRIAD Model™ and evidenced based research for healthy infant, child, and family development has raised the bar to providing a program that is unparalleled. As a practitioner and newly appointed CIIT, this is THE company with whom I am proud to be an associate.




Jill Vyse, Andrea Kelly, Lori Robbins

"Andrea was passionate and knowledgeable. She makes the course so engaging! She has a great presentation style that was inspiring to me as a student. The information provided is very valuable and really captured my attention. This course was a joy to take!

The information resonates with me as a healthcare practitioner and more importantly, as a Mom -- it provides the perfect tools with which to introduce the concepts of creating a positive environment for our children through our interactions with them. The (CIIT) program and materials have been painstackingly developed and are constantly evolving -- they are presented together in a way that facilitates an

d makes sense for learning! So well organized! Thank you so much!"

 LORI ROBBINS, Physical Therapist, Nova Scotia, Canada


Paula Drew

After more than 15 years of working with children and families sharing the critical knowledge of touch and infant massage I was ready learn more. I wanted to know the latest in touch research in order to keep current and help my community families and colleagues understand how critical the touch experience is for healthy and optimum child development.
After taking the CIIT Training with Andrea Kelly and being introduced to the pertinent works of Dr. Bruce Lipton, and the WINC Triad Model™, I have experienced the new and updated world of Infant Massage and Epigenetics. WINC without borders has raised the bar revolutionizing our understanding of the need to nurture nature.



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