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"Beautiful, thank you! Both are excellent and will be perfect for our presentation. Great quality - I am very impressed. Thanks again - will need to purchase others in the future! ...  the quality is very impressive, and it is obvious that a lot of time and research was put into creating these tools.  Very helpful for those of us in the Early Childhood field to have access to quality teaching tools like these - especially ones which we do not have to create for ourselves but rather can share within the CIMI community!!"

Best, Carole Shugard, CIMI®

I have received the Teaching Tools and the new color manual. They are both fantastic and I am very impressed!!! ... I had a hard time deciding which ones to request and when I was thinking about ordering in the past I really wasn't sure of the quality and cost. Now that I have received the materials, I can say they were all beautifully produced and excellent tools to have. ...


For a Donation (minimum amount listed on each item) our CIMI® members can receive:
Parent Handouts
Orig.: $40.00
Sale: $30.00



Poems & Stroke Summary

$40 Donation + Fact Sheets File
Orig.: $40.00
Sale: $35.00


Addresses 7 different situations

PDF File
Print ANY amount as you need them
CIMI Color Manual Replacement (Outside US)
Orig.: $175.00
Sale: $165.00

Orig.: $155.00
Sale: $145.00
WINC Business Cards 500
Orig.: $185.00
Sale: $155.00


Two-sided Premium Cards

CIMI Manual B&W
Orig.: $80.00
Sale: $70.00
Business Card - 100
Orig.: $95.00
Sale: $75.00


Two-Sided Premium Cards


1.     Epigenetic's TRIAD Bruce Lipton (#1)

 2.    States and Cues (#2)

3.    Bonding and Attachment (#3)

 4.    IRRS - Interaction, Relief, Relaxation, Stimulation (#4)

 5.    Prep for Massage ~ Oils, relaxation, contraindications (#5)

 6.    Newborn Welcome Baby Massage (#6)

 7.   Teaching Parent Classes - outline (#7)

 8.   Conscious Parenting (#8)

 9.   NICU Infant Massage (#9)

10.  Child with Special Needs (#10)

11.  Brain Development (#11)

12.  Massage for Growing Child (#12)

13.  Marketing Parent Baby Class (#13)

14.  What is Marketing? (#14)

15.  Outline of Program "The Script" ~ In-Service Presentation (#15)

16.  Crying (#16)



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